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About Newline Beverage

Newline Beverage is a division of CPG Advisors that specializes in adult beverage sales and marketing at every growth stage. Newline is the official partner for C.A. Fortune and C.A. Carlin Companies, the largest food and beverage brokers in North America.


We are a team of beverage sales and marketing veterans that act as national sales, brand, and marketing managers to drive growth through all stages, channels, and markets. Our approach is based on decades of experience developing, launching, and growing brands on all sides of the desk (brand, buyer, distributor).


We serve as the management group for national DSD networks in the three-tier system and a national team of more than 500 sales, account management, analysts, and administrative employees for retail chains through our partnership with C.A. Companies, the largest CPG sales agency in the nation. Additionally, we have dozens of strategic partnerships in the industry to effectively accelerate and elevate brands locally, regionally, and nationally. 


Our partnership with C.A. Fortune, and C.A. Carlin makes Newline the one of the largest and most effective sales and management agencies in the Country for beverage alcohol brands, giving us unparalleled capabilities to scale at any level, efficiently and effectively. We bring deep resources, insights, experience, and relationships allowing us to plan, execute, and manage sales, distribution, and marketing from regional to national, distributor to chains, with one dedicated specialized point team. We act as your sales and management group with the resources and backroom support of the largest national sales agency in the USA. This structure allows us to stay lean and focused on early-stage brands and deploy vast resources to scale nationally when ready, managing it all the way through, and for cost typically less than one highly qualified national sales manager!  


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